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這不是GTR – POP RACE Nissan Stagea R34

不要以為生得像Skyline GT-R R34就是R34,它只是有血緣關係的Stagea,別再就她是GT-R旅行車吧。

POP RACE Stagea R34

原本以為是維基寫錯,R34有推出過旅行車版,但再翻查資料,日產Stagea定位於高性能旅行車,生產周期於1996至2007年之間,三代目(WC34 Series 1、WC34 Series 2及M35)中以與Skyline GT-R R33同期推出的WC34 Series 1最受外界矚目,只因它擁有與R33相同的底盤,其中260RS版本更搭載輸出280匹的RB26DETT直六渦輪增壓引擎、五速棍波、全輪驅動,加上改裝零件可以與R33、R34互通,因此不少車主索性換上R33、R34車頭變成GT-R的一份子。至於M35則與R35無緣,反而類似Skyline房車車頭,並帶輕微off-road功能。

POP RACE Stagea R34

知道了Stagea的背景後,改裝車自然點改都得。POP RACE亦推出多款不同的Stagea R34應市,Calsonic賽車拉花自然無走雞,前部份拉花與星野一義駕駛Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34)拉花基本相同,Nismo風隔、Bridgestone跑胎、車身Calsonic及Impluse賽車拉花呼應真車,尾翼及車尾均有相同字樣。不得不說是可以打開的頭冚,內藏紅色RB26DETT機器及頂Bar,不過頭冚關上時罅縫相對明顯,膠件頭燈安裝亦欠理想,隨著時間發展,相信未來可以克服這個問題。如果喜歡GT-R造型的話,這部車可以一入。

This Isn’t an R34 – It’s a POP RACE Stagea R34

Don’t be fooled by its resemblance to the Skyline GT-R R34. This is a Nissan Stagea, a close relative, but not the GT-R wagon some mistake it for.

Originally, I thought Wikipedia had it wrong about the R34 having a wagon version. However, after further research, I discovered that the Nissan Stagea was positioned as a high-performance station wagon produced from 1996 to 2007. Of the three generations (WC34 Series 1, WC34 Series 2, and M35), the WC34 Series 1, launched alongside the Skyline GT-R R33, garnered the most attention. This was because it shared the same chassis as the R33, with the 260RS variant boasting a 280-horsepower RB26DETT inline-six turbocharged engine, a five-speed manual transmission, and all-wheel drive. Moreover, its compatibility with R33 and R34 aftermarket parts led many owners to swap the front end for an R33 or R34 look, transforming it into a “GT-R wagon.” The M35, however, had no connection to the R35, instead resembling the Skyline sedan with subtle off-road features.

Given the Stagea’s background, modifications are almost inevitable. POP RACE has released several Stagea R34 models, including the must-have Calsonic racing livery version. The front livery mirrors that of the Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34) driven by Kazuyoshi Hoshino. Nismo-inspired air intakes, Bridgestone tires, and Calsonic and Impluse racing livery graphics echo the real car, with matching decals on the rear wing and tailgate.

A notable feature is the openable hood, revealing a detailed red RB26DETT engine and strut bar. However, the gaps when the hood is closed are noticeable, and the plastic headlights leave something to be desired. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in future iterations. If you’re a fan of the GT-R aesthetic, this model is worth adding to your collection.